H.L. Fisher Manufacturing Company, Inc. is an internationally known manufacturer of can trimming and internal spraying machines

After distributing spare parts for many years on behalf of H.L. Fisher, Rushserve was hit very hard by the decline in service from the company. We had customers who were desperate for spare parts and they inevitably looked to other sources. When H.L. Fisher was put up for auction, a Rushserve representative visited Chicago in an attempt to secure all drawings and all intellectual property as well as the H.L. Fisher name. We successfully bid for the package and with the collaboration of proprietary manufacturers and a precision engineering company have been offering spare parts to an ever-growing number of can plants around the world.

We can now offer upgraded HL Fisher Manufacturing Spray Machines and Trimmers. 

We are able to supply any spare part that you originally sourced from HL Fisher. We have extensive files that cover all equipment from when H.L. Fisher began. We have original purchase orders for every machine, together with specifications and matching assembly drawings. Rushserve look forward to strengthening our relationship with existing customers and offering quotations for H.L. Fisher equipment and spare parts to new customers wherever H.L. Fisher machines are used.

New customers will also be able to request purchasing information on the wide range of spares and consumables that Rushserve stock for other can making equipment.

No matter how old your HL Fisher Machine we can provide original parts for your specific machine using our full database of prior machine sales to assist any refurbishment/overhaul programs you may have.